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Fully Monitored Alarm Systems

DES specializes in Commercial and Residential Burglar/Fire Alarm Systems. Security is an important decision and one that requires trust. That is why we take pride in designing, installing/converting, monitoring and servicing each alarm system we sell.

Design - Each system is customized to fit your home and security needs. Each installation uses state-of-the art equipment, and the latest technology. A DES representative will walk through your home with you and discuss security options that fit your home and the needs of your family. Upon completion of the walkthrough, a free estimate is provided. All quotes are provided in the form of a written contract and are valid for 30 days.

Installation Having a burglar/fire alarm system that is reliable in the event of an emergency is of most importance to DES. Each alarm technician is carefully trained and equipped with state-of-the art tools and every installation is fully tested to ensure the outcome performs as designed. Every alarm connection is carefully soldered to maximize the effectiveness of your alarm system, and reduce the potential for false alarms or installation defects. DES will cover all manufacturer warranties for a period of one year and cover all workmanship for a period of an unheard of three years from the date of final customer turnover.

Conversion DES can convert most systems based on the needs of the customer. A representative will design the conversion to meet the security needs of your family.

Central Monitoring Service Since each alarm activation could be a life or death emergency, 24 hour/365 day monitoring is available via a UL Listed monitoring service company for all installations. A central monitoring service notifies the proper authorities in a timely manner in the event that your security system is activated.

Your DES installed security system is also capable of automating your home. On a scheduled basis, fixed or variable, your system can turn lights on and off as desired. In the event of an alarm activation your alarm system can set a series of lights on and off. This can assist authorities in locating your home in the event they are dispatched. Home automation can also control your heating or air conditioning units and prepare your coffee (provided you set your coffee maker up the night before).

Deceaux Electrical Services can help you customize your home automation needs. Downloadable controls enable secure service or programming changes to your system remotely from our office computer system. Eliminate costly service calls to change pass codes, reconfigure zones or verify your system for you while you are on vacation by maximizing the capabilities of your security system.


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